The importance of your Will to us 

A gift to mountain rescue in your Will allows you to support our future. Legacies are a vital part of our funding – even a small gift can make a big difference. And it's the surest way to fund the equipment and training for mountain rescue teams in the years to come as gifts are exempt from inheritance tax, capital gains tax and income tax, so the charity receives the full value of your bequest.

A legacy left to Mountain Rescue England and Wales will generally be used wherever the need is greatest but, of course, you can specify where your gift will be used.

Why you should will – the importance of your Will to you 

A will is the only way you can be certain your wishes are followed through after your death, protecting the future for your family, friends and charities such as Mountain Rescue. If you die without a Will (intestate), the law decides how your money will be divided and this might be not be as you had envisaged. Your estate might even end up in the hands of the Crown.

When you have a Will, you should review it every two years, and especially following any major event, as it could have become invalid. For example, if you marry or remarry, or if a partner dies or you get divorced. Also if children or grandchildren come along, you will probably want them to be included in your Will.