Issue 28 April 2009 MR Magazine

ACPO and mountain rescue - Staff Officer Dyfan Jones on behalf of Ian Shannon

Yabba Dabba Doo at Bedrock. Cave rescue - Jon Whitely

Ten days in the life of a mountain rescuer. Irish MR - Liam McCabe

A brief dip into eponymous medical terms: 3 - David Allan

COLD. The effectes of cold on bottled oxygen - Shaun Roberts

Bare bones and boulders. Cave rescue escapades - Alan Jeffreys

Searching swiftwater safely - Howi Crook

Why do team's train: 1 - Bob Sharp

National and regional news

Sponsorship nes - Burton McCall, Goodyear

The Skiddaw Job. Report of the incident on Skiddaw - Keswick MRT

Mountain Rescue at the Outdoors Show 2009

Mountain Emergency Medicine - John Ellerton

Issue 28 April 2009 MR Magazine

News and views about mountain rescue