70 year old walker rescued below Pillar summit

Incident Report 23 /02 /18

The team was called this afternoon at 14.30 to assist a 70 year old walker, in a party of three, who had suffered a significant tumbling fall while descending from Pillar summit towards Windy Gap, suffering head lacerations and other injuries. 

Great North Air Ambulance, Helimed 58 was also tasked to the incident and they managed to land on the summit of Pillar and get their doctor and paramedic down to the casualty to assess his condition. The helicopter returned to the valley floor and picked up two CMRT team members and equipment and airlifted them to the casualty site. Due to the remote location and the injuries suffered by the casualty, a decision was made to call a second helicopter from the coastguard with winching capabilities.

The casualty was packaged ready for an airlift and  R199 attended from Prestwick and winched the casualty on board. He was transferred to CIC for further treatment.  

Many thanks to the crews of Helimed 58, Great North Air Ambulance and R199 from HM Coastguard for their assistance.

Approx 15 CMRT team members responded to the incident.