A first for SARCALL as rescue is co-ordinated from a speeding train!

Dave Wright
11 February at 10:34
As far as we know this is a first for SARCALL...coordinating a joint MRT response from a train! Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Team were asked to assist in an incident involving a Mountain Biker who had suffered chest injuries following a fall in the north part of Tweeds patch. 

Ochils Mountain Rescue Team (Tweeds northerly neighbours) were already mobile on their way back to their base from an earlier job with Kev Mitchell (Ochils), Bill Glennie (Tweed) and myself (Tweed) returning from the UKSAR Conference at the NEC. 

An almost empty Coach C of the 14:53 from Birmingham was quickly turned into our ops room and local team members from both teams mobilised with command being passed to the ground teams once they arrived at the RV. 

The 'Train' side of the incident was closely observed by Jim Reville, of the Scottish Governments Resilience Dept who was also travelling back from the UKSAR Conf and was amazed by the joint working and use of technology to help mobilise teams