Another call to Pillar for Cockermouth team

Incident Report 24 /02 /18

Following the callout to Pillar on Friday (23rd), the team had another yesterday (Saturday). 

Just after the end of a helicopter training session with Keswick Team and the coastguard helicopter Rescue 199 from Prestwick, near Braithwaite, at approximately 11.30am, we received a call to assist a lone walker who had fallen a considerable distance down a steep and rocky snowslope from the Shamrock traverse, again on Pillar Mountain. 

The coastguard  helicopter, R199, returned to the training field, picked up three team members and flew to the scene on Pillar near Robinsons Cairn. The three team members, kit, and the helicopter winchman/paramedic were winched down to the casualty. His injuries were assessed and he was packaged in a stretcher and winched on board R199 and transferred to Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle.

Approx 20 CMRT team members responded to the incident.