Assist Langdale-Ambleside MRT with search for 2 missing walkers on Fairfield

Tuesday 16/01/2018 16:10 

At 15:54hrs, Tuesday 16 January 18, volunteer members of Patterdale MRT were called by colleagues in Langdale-Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team, to assist in a search to locate two walkers who had become lost while out walking close to the summit of Fairfield.

The team sent 3 parties up towards Fairfield via Hartsop above Howe, Dovedale and St Sunday, to check potential routes the missing walkers may have taken to descend from the mountain.

As the search progressed the missing person were located close to the summit of Fairfield by members of Langdale-Ambleside MRT and after assessment on scene walked back off the mountain.

On confirmation of a "find" Patterdal members returned to base.