Buxton & Edale teams attend 67yo woman with arm injuries

At 3.25 in the afternoon on Friday 12th May Buxton Mountain Rescue Team was called along with colleagues from Edale M.R.T.  in a joint team response following the request from East Midlands Ambulance Service for assistance in Cressbrook Dale, near Warslow.

The incident occurred in the grassy limestone dale near to Peter Stone.  The 66 year old Lady from Northampton, on an annual walking trip with friends, tripped on a hidden stone in the grass and fell forwards onto her arm.   Due to the nature of the injury her right arm was locked in an extended and very painful position out to her side.   An E.M.A.S. paramedic treated her for the injury, which was thought to be a probable dislocated or possible fractured right shoulder.  

Following treatment and the administration of pain relief by the ambulance paramedics she was placed on a rescue stretcher to be carried out by team members to the A623 road where the ambulance was waiting.