Climbers cragfast on Pillar Rock, Ennerdale

Incident Report 10/09/17

At around 12.50am on Sunday morning, the team was called out to three male climbers who had reported themselves cragfast on Pillar Rock, Ennerdale. They had started their journey at 10.00am on Saturday morning, leaving Gatesgarth, Buttermere to walk over Scarth Gap Pass into Ennerdale and up to Pillar Rock to climb a classic rock route. 

After a long day, they eventually topped out on the route on the summit of High Man around dusk. They began descending and lowered one of the party down the first section of Slab and Notch. Unfortunately, they lowered him too far and he became cragfast with his friends still on the summit. 

The team ascended from the valley and three members climbed Slab and Notch to the cragfast climber. They raised him back onto the route and climbed to the top of High Man, from which the whole party abseiled off into Jordan Gap and then descended down a rope fixed by other team members, off the rock.

A spokesperson for the team said: 'Its good to see climbers are still having adventures on Pillar! With a bit more daylight on their side, I’m sure the lads would have got themselves down without needing our help.’