Coastguard helicopter visits team base

A Coastguard Search & Rescue Helicopter flew into Dove Holes on Sunday landing on the Bullring, just a stone'sthrow from the Buxton Mountain Rescue Team's base.  The noise and down-draught from the aircraft brought many locals out to watch while it practiced rescue techniques with team members.
Bristows took over the helicopter search and rescue responsibility for the Peak District from the R.A.F. in 2015 flying the Coastguard aircraft out of their newly built base at Humberside Airport.   Despite the distance the Sikorsky S-92, with an air speed of 145 knots, can be overhead anywhere in the Peak with twenty-five minutes.  These brand new aircraft have an impressive all weather capability and within the crew of four there is always at least one paramedic and a medical technician.
Whilst the team often works with air-ambulances it is S-92's ability to fly in darkness and winch a casualty out of difficult situations that makes it a special resource.
With such a large aircraft regular training and exercises are essential for team members to ensure everyone's safety.   This was the aircrew's second visit to Buxton Team's base and was part of an ongoing familiarisation programme.  
On this occasionthe time was used to practice controlling the naturalbut dangerous spin which can develop when a stretcher is being hoisted towards the hovering helicopter.
The team wishes to thank Dove Holes Community Association for its permission to use the landing site.