CVSRT rescue 14yo boy from Devils Cave, Chellow Dene, Bradford

Incident #1011 Chellow Dene, Bradford
Friday 12th May 2017, 20:55
At 20:55, CVSRT were alerted to an incident at Chellow Dene near Bradford, where Yorkshire Ambulance Service were requesting assistance to evacuate an injured 14yo boy who had fallen in to Devils Cave sustaining a serious leg injury.
18 CVSRT members were available to respond immediately and made their way to the location either in team vehicles or directly.  Once on-scene, team members rigged a rope system to lower a team member down to the casualty.  He was then placed on to a stretcher and lowered to the cave floor, where the boy was then carried to the ambulance at the road.
Also on-scene assisting with the rescue were West Yorkshire Police, Yorkshire Ambulance Service Hazardous Area Response Team and West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service.
At 23:09, CVSRT stood down and returned to base, then onward to their homes. 
In attendance: 18 CVSRT
Yorkshire Ambulance Service
West Yorkshire Police
Yorkshire Ambulance Service
YAS Hazardous Area Response Team
West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service