Our first callout was whilst fundraising at a very busy Dovedale on Sunday 27th August. The team received a call just after midday to assist the West Midlands Ambulance Service and the Air Ambulance with a 12-year-old boy who had fallen on Thorpe Cloud sustaining a head injury and deep laceration to his leg. He was treated by the Air Ambulance crew, and lowered by the team to the bottom of the hill with a protected rope belay system where he was transferred to the Helicopter and flown to hospital for further treatment. A community first responder had also been called to the scene.


The second callout came at 11:30pm on Sunday 27th August when the Police called us out after they received reports of a few short sequences of flashing light coming from a static location on Thorpe Cloud. There were concerns that this could be a lost or injured walker trying to signal for help. With the full team on standby, a small section of six team members with a team vehicle deployed onto the hill to sweep the area on foot.

No lights were visible from Thorpe Cloud but a wide line search was carried out just to make sure there was nobody in distress. Upon reaching the top of Thorpe cloud they found a group of four tents whose occupants had all turned in for the night. After a quick check with one of the campers, they confirmed they had been using their head torches at about the time of the reports.

The full team was stood down and those on the hill continued the sweep to ensure nobody else was on the hill. The vehicle was returned to base and made ready for the next callout, the team members left for home at 2am.


Whilst at Dovedale for our second fundraising day, Monday 28th August, we were alerted to an elevenyear- old girl who had fallen and tumbled down the steep slope, sustaining a suspected right collarbone injury. Whilst responding to the first incident, we received reports of two boys who had also fallen on Thorpe Cloud. A ten-year-old boy had a suspected fractured left wrist and his brother, thirteen, had a suspected fractured collarbone.

All three casualties were treated by the team, lowered on stretchers and carried to the road, where two Land ambulances transported them to hospital for further treatment.


The team were called out by the Police just after 6pm on Thursday 31st after two ladies in their 70s were separated on a walk at Dovedale.

Upon reaching an agreed meeting point one of the ladies waited for her friend for over an hour before becoming concerned for her friend's safety. She continued on to the Isaak Walton hotel and contacted the Police to raise the alarm. The team mobilised two vehicles to the area to set up a search control point near the hotel. A team member, who lives nearby, was also sent to the hotel to get more information about the missing person.

At the same time, the "missing person" contacted the Police on a mobile phone to report that her friend was missing. She had waited for about an hour before becoming concerned and raising the alarn. She was informed that the friend had made a similar call, and the two were re-united at the Isaak Walton Hotel. Our team member made sure they were both safe and well, and the team were stood down.


Just as our trainees were packing up from rope rescue training at around 4pm this afternoon, the team were called to a fallen climber at Gentlemen's rock near Dimmingsdale. The 35-year-old male, from Nottingham, had been bouldering when he fell and injured his lower leg. He was able to get phone signal and call for help. The man was treated on scene for a suspected fracture by the team and checked over by a West Midlands Ambulance Service crew before being taken in a team vehicle to the Royal Derby Hospital for further treatment.

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