Driver escapes serious injury after car crashes 50 feet down ravine

Sunday 6th August, 16:39

Earlier this afternoon, Calder Valley SRT (CVSRT) received a request from Yorkshire Ambulance Service to provide urgent assistance with a difficult extrication of a driver of a vehicle, which had left the A672 near to Junction 22 M62 (Rishworth Moor) and had come to rest approx. 50ft down the steep banking in a deep ravine.

24 CVSRT members were available to assist immediately and deployed in team vehicles or directly.


The driver had incredibly managed to self-extricate from the vehicle and appeared to have minor injuries, however the mechanism of the incident dictated full immobilization for the extrication up the steep ground.

Whilst the medical teams cared for and prepared the casualty for the evacuation, CVSRT members rigged a rope system and lowered a stretcher with two barrow boys. Once the casualty was packaged, the stretcher was safely hauled up to the roadside and handed over to the waiting ambulance crew.

Great teamwork between all the emergency teams made for a prompt rescue.  

In attendance: 24 CVSRT

On-scene: West Yorkshire Police (WYP); West Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Unit (WYP RPU); Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS); YAS BASICS Doctor; YAS Hazardous Area Response Team (HART); West Yorkshire Medic Response Team (WYMRT)

Total Duration: 1hrs 36mins