Edale Mountain Rescue Team have 4 Callouts and an Award

It was a very busy May Day Bank Holiday for Edale Mountain Rescue Team this weekend when the team attended 4 incidents.

In the first incident on Saturday afternoon the team was called to Horseshoe Quarry to assist a young adventurer who had taken a tumbling fall. Despite a valiant effort from the young person and their family, a little assistance was needed to help the casualty to the road.

Later on Saturday evening the team was called out to assist Buxton Mountain Rescue Team with an incident near the top of Winnats Pass. A Duke of Edinburgh Award participant nearing the end of their walk had slipped and fallen on some wet rocks, injuring their ankle and head in the process - fortunately not too seriously, but enough to stop them completing their walk.

Team members who were at base tidying up from the Bank Holiday fundraising activities so were rapidly on scene. After assessment and splintage, the casualty was wrapped up in a casualty bag and put on the stretcher. The casualty was carried back to a track and transported a short distance in a mountain rescue vehicle to the D of E camp.

After brief respite on Sunday the team was yet again called into action on Monday when it was contacted by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist with a gentleman who had been taken ill whilst walking on the Derwent moors. Local team members were rapidly on scene, locating the casualty not too far from the road. A team doctor checked the gentleman over, and he was carried back to the road on a mountain rescue stretcher.

Later on Monday Evening the team was contacted again by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist their crews with a young lady who had fallen from a rope swing in the Charnock area of Sheffield. Despite there being road access nearby, the patient was down at the bottom of a steep wooded valley.

As the first team members arrived on scene, the team was stood down. A great effort from the Yorkshire Air Ambulance crew and some willing locals who managed to carry the young lady out to the ambulance on a scoop stretcher.

The Team have also been awarded a Commander’s Commendation for two consecutive search incidents that took place on the 26th of January this year. The first request was for a walker having reported herself lost in the Upper Derwent Valley with temperatures below freezing and worsening wintery weather, thankfully she was located by one of our team sections, safe and well. She was walked back to the trackside before being returned to her vehicle.

Later as members were returning home, a team vehicle stopped to liaise with South Yorkshire Police officers near to Lady Canning plantation. Officers were conducting searches for a vulnerable male currently missing from the Sheffield area.Twelve team members including two of the three search dogs from the previous callout did a U-turn and headed for the incident. Following extensive searches of the areas, team members completed the search area at 01:45 before returning home for an overdue meal and some well earned rest. The male was located the next day outside the search area.