Four incidents for busy Edale team

A busy start to the New Year for the team having been involved in four separate incidents on the Bank Holiday Monday along with Colleagues from Buxton Mountain Rescue Team, and helicopters from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Yorkshire Air Ambulance and the Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance on 3 of the 4 incidents. After the heavy rain on New Year’s Day (and fortunately no callouts), Monday’s weather was clear and sunny but also very cold bringing with it icy conditions. Not surprisingly the Peak District proved a popular draw for those wanting to enjoy some fresh air and winter sunshine. 

The first incident came at 10.48 am when team members were called to assist colleagues from Buxton Mountain Rescue Team with an incident in Chee Dale. Whilst out walking with family a 71 year old male from Chesterfield took an unfortunate slip from the footpath by the river. Team members from both teams along with the crew from the Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland air ambulance worked together to stabilise him. He was treated for a head injury and suspected back injuries. Due to his presenting condition, initial intention was to anaesthetise him at the scene, to aid the extrication a Search & Rescue helicopter was requested from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. The stretcher was lowered using a basic rope system down to the site before the casualty was loaded. He was then carried and raised back to the path, team members then relocated to an island within the river to where the helicopter could winch from. He was then flown to the Major Trauma Centre in Sheffield. During this incident the team received a further call, incident 2, from Yorkshire Ambulance Service. 

As team members were involved in Incident 1, we received a call from Yorkshire Ambulance Service for assistance with a request in the Moscar area of Sheffield. A fell runner had slipped on ice causing a fractured ankle. He was protected from the elements, given intravenous analgesia and then carried the 200m back to the road on a mountain rescue stretcher. Whilst this was in full swing, we were made aware of two further incidents within our area. Our team responded to our Incident 3, whilst Buxton Mountain Rescue Team members from the Chee Dale incident responded to Castleton. Due to multiple incidents now on-going, Kinder Mountain Rescue Team were also requested to assist with the incident at Mam Tor, Castleton. 

Two team members on route from Millersdale to Moscar were diverted to a further incident on White Edge. A 50 year old male from Sheffield had slipped from the edge falling 25ft on to rocks below. He was treated initially by passers-by before our Team Leader arrived on scene. Following assessment he was treated for a significant chest injury, given IV morphine for the pain whilst other team members now free from Incidents 1 and 2 responded. Once equipment arrived he was placed on a vacuum mattress and carried back to the top of the edge. He was moved to a suitable location where the Yorkshire Air Ambulance could land. He was also conveyed to the Major Trauma Centre at Sheffield's Northern General Hospital. 

Finally, whilst active on Incident 3, our Duty Team Leader was contacted by one of our honorary members who had stumbled across an incident near to Dennis Knoll car park at Stanage. A 51 year old road cyclist had been involved in an accident on the ice. One of our team vehicles responded with a team doctor on board to provide pain relief. The male was given advanced analgesia for a suspected fractured hip. We then put a request in for the Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland air ambulance once more. Thankfully they were able to return but due to being unable to land near it was decided to convey the casualty again to the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield by land ambulance. 

2016 saw the team attend 122 separate incidents, maintaining the teams position as one of the busiest in England and Wales.