Injured woman rescued near Thornton Moor Reservoir

Incident #1041 Thornton Moor, Sunday 17th September 10:46

At 10:46, Calder Valley SRT received an urgent request from Yorkshire Ambulance Service to provide assistance with locating an injured lady who had fallen whilst out walking near Thornton Moor Reservoir and sustained a dislocated shoulder.

22 members were available to respond immediately and within 12 minutes team vehicles were mobile and en-route to the location. By 34 minutes the casualty had been located and was receiving pain relief for her injury. Once comfortable, the casualty was packaged and stretchered for approx. 1.5 miles off the moors.

CVSRT Doctors smoothly relocated the shoulder before handing over the lady to the ambulance crew for onward journey to hospital.

In attendance: 22 CVSRT

Total Duration: 2hrs 44mins