Kinder Scout Search Plan Activated

On Friday evening (6/1), the Kinder Scout Search Plan was activated following a call from 2 ladies reporting themselves lost on Kinder Scout.  Attempts had been made to locate the walkers using SARLOC software, which were unsuccessful.  The weather was thick mist, cold wind and heavy drizzle

As part of the pre-plan for missing persons on Kinder Scout, four mountain rescue teams are called, each covering their own areas of operational responsibility.  The teams from Glossop, Kinder, Buxton and Edale together with search and rescue dogs.

Team members were deployed to their search areas, together with three search dogs.  All making their way up onto the plateau. The two ladies, who were sisters from Sheffield, aged 45 and 33 years, were found in the middle of the plateau by search dog Dolly from the Kinder Team. The ladies were wet, cold and glad to see us. A shelter tent was quickly erected providing some respite from the wind and heavy drizzle. The younger sister was wet through and shivering and team members gave up their spare clothing to warm her up, she had also lost a boot falling into a deep bog, hip deep, as they were crossing Kinder.

Following a further check and the timely arrival of a spare walking boot the two ladies were walked down to Edale Village by Buxton and Edale Team members. The ladies didn’t require any medical assistance, just warm drinks before returned to Sheffield in their own vehicle.