Man reported to have fallen between Dollywaggon & Nethermost Pike

Thursday 15/02/2018 12:34 

At 12-34hrs on Thursday, volunteers of Patterdale MRT were passed a call from colleagues in Keswick MRT to rescue a male who had fallen from the vicinity of Dollywaggon Pike.

At the time it was unknown which direction the male had fallen and with the inability to contact the informant and poor weather conditions in the mountains, the decision was made to call in support from Langdale Ambleside MRT and a Coastguard rescue helicopter.

The teams were deployed into the key areas to begin a detailed search, with the rescue helicopter in support from the air and lifting resources into the search area.

Contact was eventually established with the informant and it was confirmed they had located the missing male back at Grizedale Tarn after his fall.

The male who was checked over was extremely lucky and suffered only minor cuts and bruises.

Patterdale MRT would like to thank all parties involved.