Search Dog Megan Takes A Well Deserved Retirement

Megan takes a very well deserved rest

On Boxing Day 2016 the Buxton Team Search and Rescue Dog, Megan, reached 12 years of age. Megan's owner and handler' Dave' decided at this age it was time for her to retire.

Megan was born in Buxworth in December 2004, at the age of 14 weeks she went to live with Dave who started the process of training her as an air-scenting search dog.  Megan successfully passed her first assessments in July 2007 and started work immediately.

During the course of her career Megan has averaged around 18 call-outs a year and has searched and cleared 100s of kilometres of land in all weathers, day and night.  During her career she has made 7 operational finds, 2 of which, could well have been life saving.

Megan was commended by the Chief Constable of Derbyshire for the find of a concealed murder victim in March 2010, which subsequently led to a successful investigation and prosecution of the offender.

Megan will remain with her family during her retirement and will continue to attend team fundraising and public events.  She will also continue to attend training sessions with novice dogs, passing on her experience.

Dave is currently in the process of training a new search dog “Griff” who will have some big paws to fill.

All team members wish Megan a long and happy retirement.