Tumbling fall at Sourmilk Ghyll

At around eight o'clock yesterday evening (Tuesday 29th), Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team was called out to assist a male walker in his fifties from Cambridgeshire, who had suffered a tumbling fall of 20-30 feet, while descending Sourmilk Ghyll, above Buttermere.  Initial reports were of head and leg injuries. The team responded quickly, with our first vehicle leaving the base on blue lights,  15 minutes after the initial call from the police.

An informant had raised the alarm by telephoning from The Fish Hotel, Buttermere. The team met the informant at The Fish and he guided members to the approximate location. The casualty’s son had remained with him on the fell and helpfully, his flashing torch could be seen from the valley bottom.  On reaching the casualty, the team attended to his injuries, a lower leg torn muscle along with superficial head wounds from his fall.  He was lowered through the forest on the team stretcher to the waiting ambulance in the valley, and transported on to West Cumberland Hospital for further treatment.

22 team members attended the incident.