Two walkers reporting lost on Kinder Scout

On Sunday evening (29/1) the Buxton Team were called to Edale, following a call for assistance from 2 walkers reporting themselves lost on Kinder Scout.  The weather conditions on the Kinder Plateau were very misty and damp.

The 2 walkers from Manchester when calling for assistance had used Google to identify telephone numbers for mountain rescue which is very unusual (Reminder – if mountain rescue is required ring 999 and ask for police and mountain rescue)

However they found Edale Teams base number, a team member was able to SARLOC (smart phone technology) their location as the western end of the “Woolpacks” southern edge of Kinder Scout and passed the details to Buxton Team. 

Twenty team members were deployed onto Kinder via Crowden Brook and Jacobs Ladder, the missing pair were soon located and walked off the hill via Jacobs Ladder and met by our Land Rover at the Pack Horse Bridge and returned to Edale.