Unprecedented number of callouts

Unprecedented number of Callouts for Mountain Rescue Team

The volunteers of Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team have started 2017 with an unprecedented number of callouts and averaging two incidents a week for 2017. Last year the total number of incidents was 37, this year they have attended 14 callouts already.

This weekend (19th Feb) has seen the team called out on three occasions to deal with walkers who had all slipped on muddy paths and sustained lower leg injuries.

On Friday the Team dealt with a 25 year old lady from the Loftus area who had slipped in Guisborough Forest. The lady was treated at the scene by ambulance paramedics before being carried by the rescue team a few hundred metres to a waiting ambulance.

On Saturday they were called to the moors above Osmotherly where a 55 year lady from Leeds had been injured the lady was treated at the scene by team personnel before being carried off the moor 500m to the nearest and a n ambulance.

On Sunday the Team were called to Coxwold, at the extreme south of their operating area, where a 81 year man from Malton had slipped whilst walking with his family injuring his leg. Again he was carried by the mountain rescue volunteers the 400 metre across farmland to the waiting ambulance that took him to York District Hospital for treatment.

Team Spokesman, Pete Mounsey, said “Lower leg fractures are one of the most common injuries that we deal with, its quite a coincidence to get three similar accidents in one weekend with people just slipping on the wet, muddy paths.”