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Call Out Mountain Rescue

by Judy Whiteside with new foreword from HRH The Duke of Cambridge

* First aid section contains valuable first aid advice for the non-medically trained – how to recognise the nature of any injuries and keep the casualty comfortable as you await rescue with easy-to-follow, simply illustrated instructions on giving CPR and placing the casualty in the Recovery Position, plus a wealth of information about the type of injuries rescue teams encounter
* Preparation and route planning, how best to stay safe in the mountains and what to do if you have an accident

This sturdy little A6 guide comes with a half-Canadian style cover which means it now has a handy spine (all the better to spot on the bookshelf!) whilst still retaining its characteristic wirobinding. Okay, so it might be a bit too chunky for carrying around in the rucksack, but it’s worth keeping as a handy reference alongside your maps and guidebooks. Its 170 full colour pages are packed with information – making it a must for the outdoor enthusiast!

Casualty Care in Mountain Rescue

Second Edition. Edited by John Ellerton. Foreword by A S G Jones MBE

Casualy Care in Mountain RescueCasualty Care in Mountain Rescue is in its second edition and has been adopted as the standard text for the MRC Casualty Care exam. The book is 95% written, published and distributed by one individual, so inevitably it strives to be more than a textbook. It aims to be entertaining and thought-provoking by the inclusion of mountaineering photos, and stimulating whatever your grade or experience in mountain pre-hospital care. It is pretty close to an autobiographical journey of a mountaineer and rescuer who came to MR as a very junior doctor 25 years ago, and still prefers to be out on the hill than in meetings or in front of a computer!


Mountain Rescue

by Bob Sharp & Judy Whiteside. Foreword by Hamish McInnes MBE

Mountain Rescue bookMountain rescue in the UK is a voluntary service. Team members are  ‘on call’ through the 999 system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They are as likely to leave a warm bed in the wee small hours to rescue an injured climber on some blizzard blown crag, as hunt the grounds of your local nursing home in search of someone’s missing granny. They’re a dedicated bunch. And, dare we say it, a breed of their own. Mountain Rescue takes a look at the service in its entirety, from a brief history of its raw beginnings through to the present day, exploring the rich diversity of calls on its time and the people involved.

'All the drama, commitment, pathos and humour which define this voluntary organisation, dedicated to the service of others, are revealed in this one volume. Enthralling stuff.'  Alfie Ingram, Chairman MRC of Scotland.

'The authors have done an excellent job to meet their aim 'to answer all the questions you wanted to ask about mountain rescue and then some more.' A must for those within the mountain rescue service and many walkers and climbers will appreciate this book.' Mary Webster, The Scottish Mountaineer.

So You Want To Join Mountain Rescue?

by David Allan & Judy Whiteside

Mountain Rescue cartoon bookA humorous look at the lives and tribulations of mountain rescue team members everywhere, in the inimitable cartoon style of David Allan, with words from Judy Whiteside. A must before you fill in that membership application form!

'This is the perfect light-hearted gift for your other half, especially if they're the type who pays more attention to their pager than to your needs after a long day at the office!' Dave Willis, TGO.

Mountain Rescue – the History and Development in the Peak District 1920s to the Present Day

by Ian Hurst and Roger Bennett

Peak District bookDuring the twentieth century, mountain rescue in the Peak District evolved massively. This book takes the reader through from the early years of a growing need for a more organised service, charting the influence of the RAF, the accidents and incidents which drove the need for mountain rescue and the key characters involved to the efficient, streamlined service of today. Illustrated by over 100 photographs, many previously unpublished, this book provides a fascinating and unique insight into the dramatic world of mountain rescue in what can be one of the harshest and most deceptive of environments in the UK.