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Team Member Sign Up

These pages are for existing team members to sign up for access to our members area. You need to ensure that your team secretary (or other appointed contact) has signed up first as they will need to approve your access to the site.

These pages are not for members of the public to apply to be mountain rescue team members. For this you need to contact your local team directly.

If you work for MREW but are not a member of an individual team, sign up using the 'MREW' team. You account will then be due for approval by the MREW secretary. If you both work for MREW directly, and are in a team, please sign up as a member of that team. If your work with MREW requires you to have editing rights to part of the site please contact the website team after signing up.

Please do not "re-sign up" if you already have an account but have forgotten your password. Use the link on the login form to request a new password instead.



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