We are grateful for the generous support provided by VARTA as suppliers of batteries, power packs, torches and fundraising gift packs. Teams can download a summary of the agreement and order forms from the Fundraising folder within MREW Members Resources.

Outdoor retailer Go Outdoors supports Mountain Rescue England and Wales – and consequently teams throughout the two countries – through the sales of support badges and national collection boxes in all their stores.

They've also established the Pennies scheme at their tills. This 'electronic money box' gives customers the opportunity to add a small donation (pennies, even) to their credit card bill at the checkout – the digital equivalent of throwing loose change in a box on the counter.


Digital mapping software company Mapyx Limited has been working for some time with the ICT subcommittee to develop SARMAN, a ‘search and rescue management’ solution. The system provides a search management and mapping tool that encapsulates the way search management is undertaken by teams.

We provide the search theory and stats, Mapyx provides the technical GIS skill and the finance to develop the system  — free of charge, which represents a contribution from Mapyx of many thousands of pounds. Last year saw SARMAN training rolling out across the teams and, ultimately, there will be a central network. The system is even being picked up now by the police and RAF search managers. 


Mountain Rescue England & Wales is pleased to be associated with Podio, suppliers of project management software.



Designed in collaboration with Mountain Rescue England and Wales, the special edition Canford 202-012 is a super durable watch built using the best components from Elliot Brown's Canford range, with a shock absorbing movement holder,  triple seals tested to 200m in water and a unique case back featuring a crisp deep-etched Mountain Rescue logo in the centre.