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MREW Press Officer: Andrew Simpson

It's a work in progress but welcome to our new media resource centre. Here you can find out more about mountain rescue, download resources, fact sheets and press releases and we're also planning a gallery of high resolution images for you to download.

We've also gathered here a collection of forms and information packs which appear elsewhere on the site – we're all for making life easier for those who wish to help us!! So keep watching this space.

If you're a professional journalist – perhaps one new to the world of mountain rescue – this is the place to find answers to some of those basic questions. How are teams called out? How many teams are there across the country and how do they operate? How is all this paid for (not so short answer – the continued generosity of the public, the significant support of our various sponsors, and the untiring fundraising efforts of our individual team members, both locally and nationally)?

If you don't find the information on our fact sheets, you'll find it in The Oracle (our very own encyclopedia of mountain rescue and itself a growing work in progress). Or Mountain Rescue Magazine. Or listed in the annual accident statistics, dating back to 1991. And if it's not there, call our national press officer, Andrew Simpson. He'll be only too happy to chat!