How you can help

@ Paul Burke

Maybe you share our love of the outdoors. Maybe you’ve listened to tales of missing youngsters and confused grannies safely returned to the arms of their worried families, a casualty’s life saved or a flooded householder delivered back to warmth and dry land and thought ‘there but for fortune…’ Or maybe you just want to make a difference.

Without your support and generosity, we simply couldn’t function. And there are so many ways you can help. You could donate online, join Basecamp or take up your own particular challenge – be it baking a few cupcakes or testing your mettle at something more sporty – to raise funds for mountain rescue.

Organising and running a fundraising event can be a challenge in itself, so our handy guide explains everything you need to know – including how to run a raffle and where to send the money you collect. It even tells you where the money goes.

Need to send money now? Donate here.

And if there’s something we haven’t covered here, email We’ll be happy to advise.