Awareness Day

@ Jago Miller

Every year, mountain and cave rescue teams across England and Wales use Mountain Rescue Awareness Day to promote their work, so why not make a note to get out and support your local team. For the last few years, the date has been set for the last weekend on October, just as the clock change heralds cooler days and earlier nightfall – the perfect opportunity to remind ourselves (and you) how to stay safe in the mountains.

And if you’re heading for the hills, don’t forget to #beAdventureSmart. Ask yourself three questions:

  • • Do I have the right gear?
  • • Do I know what the weather will be like?
  • • Am I confident I have the knowledge and skills for the day ahead?

Answer ‘Yes’ to all three then go ahead and enjoy your day. If you’re not sure, check out our blog to find out more…

VARTA’s ‘The Wanderer’s Guide to Winter in the Great Outdoors’ features recommendations to pack back-up torches, portable power banks, warm clothing and a hard copy map. Planning your day out properly will keep you safe. It might even save your life. And there’s a guide for summer too.