Corporate sponsorship

@ Sara Spillet

Whether you’re an individual, keen to sponsor a specific item of equipment, or a business owner exploring the mutual benefits of an association with mountain rescue – we’re keen to hear your ideas. We guarantee you’ll be making a difference. How much of a difference? Well…

For £2,500, you could sponsor a team member, keeping him or her warm, dry and in touch with waterproof clothing, essential gear and state-of-the-art communications kit.

For £5,000, you could sponsor an issue of Mountain Rescue magazine, promoting your own brand and enabling us to divert valuable funds elsewhere.

For £10,000, you could sponsor a technical rope training course or medical seminar, or help train team members in vital response driving skills.

For £35,000, you could sponsor a brand new team vehicle, helping keep mountain rescue team members on the road and ready to respond.

Why not take a look at some of the existing sponsors, suppliers and manufacturers who currently support us?