Lost Walkers near Dinas Mawddwy

At around 6:40 p.m on the 6th August. call-handlers from Aberdyfi Search & Rescue Team were made aware of two walkers lost and struggling to get off the hills near Dinas Mawddwy.

The pair, a mother, 73 and daughter, 39, had been following a walking-book route around Minllan quarries. At some point they became lost and had been on the hill for around 9 hours when they finally called for assistance.

Using the Phonefind protocol which quizzes the casualty's mobile phone for location information, call handlers were quickly able to identify the group's position.  With good landmarks and a public footpath to follow, the prospects looked good for describing an exit route by phone so that the pair could self-rescue. As a precaution, two Team volunteers were dispatched to meet the walkers as they came off the hill. However, conditions on the ground were challenging and the lost walkers were greatly hampered by deep bracken and gorse and, though remaining on the course described to them, the elder of the two became exhausted trying to make progress.

Team members met up with the younger woman who had made it through to better terrain and were able to assist the older lady off the hill.

Team volunteer, Graham O'Hanlon, helped in the rescue. "The guide book in question did not have mapping as such, so once the pair felt that they had lost the described route, they had nothing to fall back on to help them negotiate the terrain. We would always encourage people to equip themselves suitably when heading out to enjoy the mountains, and this equipment would include a map and compass. There are some excellent pointers for staying safe on your day out in the outdoors at www.adventuresmart.uk/ "