Distinguished Service Awards

Distinguished Service Awards

The Distinguished Service Award is held in high esteem by all concerned, its standing enhanced by being awarded rarely and after due consideration. Certificates have been awarded in some instances when death or serious injury occurred as a result of responding to an incident. Sixty-one members have been honoured since 1958.

The listing below is in reverse order with most recent additions at the top.

66: 2012: Tom Taylor RAF MRS & ARCC.

65: 2012: Mike Margeson Duddon & Furness MRT team leader; MREW Equipment Officer (17 years) MREW Training Officer (2 years); MREW Vice Chairman.

64: 2102: Ray Griffiths Patterdale MRT.

63: 2012: Mike France Woodhead MRT; PDMRO; MREW National Fundraising Officer.

62: 2012: John Ellerton Patterdale MRT; LDSAMRA Medical Committee; MREW Medical Officer.

61: 2009: Paul Horder Keswick MRT.

60: 2009: Ian Hurst Buxton MRT.

59: 2008: Jim Coyle BEM Cockermouth MRT.

58: 2006: Peter Durst Rossendale & Pendle MRT; SARDA Chairman 1981-1990

57: 2005: David Little Cleveland MRT. Treasurer of MREW 1988-2004.

56: 2005: Aled Taylor Founder member of Llanberis MRT; North Wales rep to MREW.

55: 2004: W/O Alistair Haveron MBE BEM RAF Mountain Rescue Service.

54: 2004: Flt Sgt Bill Batson MBE RAF Mountain Rescue Service.

53: 2004: Eve Burton Buxton Team; Mountain Rescue Handbook editor.

52: 2003: Peter Smith Calder Valley SRT; Secretary of MREW 2004-Present

51: 2003: Peter Howells OBE Central Beacons MRT: Assistant Secretary of MREW 1989-Present

50: 2002: Ray Davies Glossop MRT; MRC Secretary 1979-2004.

49: 2002: Mike Nixon MBE. Keswick MRT.

48: 2002: Brian Wright Cleveland MRT; Medical Examination Registrar.

47: 2001: Dr Peter Andrew MBE Kinder MRT. MRC Chairman 1985-1995; MRC President 1995-2000.

46: 2001: Dr Anthony Jones, MBE Ogwen Valley MRO; Vice Chairman of MREW 1985-Present.

45: 2001: David Allan FRCS Duddon and Furness MRT: Chairman of MREW 1995-Present.

44: 2000: Stuart Hulse MBE Langdale Ambleside MRT.

43: 2000: Hamish Macinnes OBE BEM Founder and Leader of Glencoe MRT; MacInnes stretcher.

42: 1999: Peter Bell Langdale Ambleside MRT; Bell Stretcher.

41: 1999: Col. Philip Williams-Jones Ogwen Valley MRO.

40: 1998: Bob Stephenson Royal Ulster Constabulary MRT.

39: 1996: David Thomspon North East Search & Rescue Association.

38: 1994: Staff Fairhurst Glossop MRT.

37: 1994: Bill Whitehouse Chairman British Cave Rescue Council.

36: 1993: Steve Barber Kendal MRT; MRC Editor.

35: 1993: Malcolm Welch Rossendale & Pendle MRT; Secretary Mid Pennine earch and Rescue Organisation.

34: 1993: Joe Boothroyd Patterdale MRT.

33: 1992: Joe Walmsley MRC Equipment Officer.

32: 1991: Brian Boardman Cave Rescue Organisation; British Cave Rescue Council.

31: 1990: Brian Snowden North East SRA.

30: 1988: Jack Powell MBE South Wales Mountain Rescue Organisation.

29: 1988: Fred Barlow BEM South West England Rescue Association.

28: 1987: Harry Worsdall MRC Treasurer 1963-1988.

27: 1986: Richard Fisher Keswick MRT.

26: 1986: George Fisher MBE Keswick MRT.

25: 1986: David Anderson Cave Rescue Organisation. Killed during a search of Rowten Pot.

24: 1985: W/0 Raymond Sefton BEM RAF Kinloss and Leuchars.

23: 1985: Noel Kirkman OBE FRCS MRC Chairman 1972-1985; MRC President 1985-1994.

22: 1983: Michael Rudall Founder and Team Leader of Bridgend MRT. Killed by a rock fall when shielding a casualty during a rescue in Brecon Beacons.

21: 1979: Herbert Hartley MRC Secretary 1956-79; Collator of MRC accident statistics.

20: 1975: Flt Sgt George Bruce BEM RAF Grantown on Spey.

19: 1974:  James Cameron Founder of Coniston MRT (Coniston Fells Rescue Team).

18: 1973: Alfred Pigott OBE MRC Founder member; MRC Chairman 1956-72; MRC President 1972-77.

17: 1969: Ron James Ogwen Valley MRO.

16: 1969: John Hinde BEM RAF Kinloss.

15: 1964: Sydney Cross MBE Founder and Team Leader of Langdale MRT.

14: 1964: Lieut. Col. Horace Westmorland OBE Founder of Keswick MRT.

13: 1964: John McNiven, Clachaig Hotel, Glencoe.

12: 1964: John Lees GM BEM RAF Kinloss and Valley.

11: 1964: Jack Thompson Glenmore Lodge.

10: 1964: Ian Martin RAF Kinloss.

9: 1958: Wilson Hey FRCS MRC Founder Member; MRC Chairman 1939-56.

8: 1958: Walter Elliott, For rescue work in Glencoe with his sons Walter and William.

7: 1958: Reginald Hainsworth MBE Cave Rescue Organisation.

6: 1958: Olive Pritchard Warden of Idwal Youth Hostel; Supervisor of the Mountain Rescue Post.

5: 1958: Donald Duff MBE MC FRCSE Founder member of Glencoe MRT; Founder and Team Leader of Lochaber MRT; Duff Stretcher.

4: 1958: Constance Alexander Warden of Idwal Youth Hostel; Supervisor of the Mountain Rescue Post.

3: 1958: Christopher Briggs BEM DL Mountain Rescue Post, Pen-y-Gwyrd.

2: 1958: Anthony Woodroffe MB MRCS Killed while assisting an injured climber on Snowdon.

1: 1958: Alfred Maitland MB FRCSE Scotland.