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Ankle injury on Hallin Fell

October 18, 2022

October 17, 2022 12:57

At 12:57 on Monday 17th Oct 2022, Patterdale MRT was alerted by Cumbria Constabulary that a 70 year old man from the South East had slipped on wet grass near to the summit of Hallin Fell, injuring his left ankle.  

Eight Team members responded to the call out and rendezvoused at Pooley Bridge before proceeding in Team vehicles to the Hause beneath Hallin Fell and then ascending to the summit.  The casualty was assessed by a Team doctor and his ankle was splinted before he was placed in a stretcher and sledged down to the church.  The casualty was driven to Penrith Hospital in his own car by his partner.

The Team would like to thank Penrith MRT who mobilised 4 Team members to offer support which was not eventually required.

The rescue involved 8 team members and took approximately 2.5 hours.