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Ankle Injury

January 5, 2022

January 2, 2022 16.30 hrs

At 16.30 hrs on New Year’s Day Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team was requested by North West Ambulance to assist a woman who had been walking with her family and slipped on a wet grassy path, fallen and heard a crack from her ankle. The family had been descending Low Dodd down to Sandwick at the time of the accident.

The team was mobilised and once on scene the casualty was assessed and her leg placed in a splint to make her comfortable. She was given pain relief and placed onto the stretcher. The casualty was then carried down to the team Landrover and conveyed to the main road where she was transferred to an ambulance and on to Hospital for treatment. The rest of the family were taken back to their holiday cottage so they could then follow on to the hospital.  

16 Team members attended the rescue which lasted 4 hours in total.