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Busiest day since Calder Valley SRT was formed in 1966: 25th June 2020

June 27, 2020

Yesterday (25th June 2020) was the hottest day of the year and saw Calder Valley Search & Rescue Team experience the busiest day* since the team was formed in 1966, with four callouts within 12 hours. (*Not including major incidents during flooding and adverse winter weather conditions).

Jonathan Cole, CVSRT Team Leader said, “As with all incidents, the casualty’s safety and efficient evacuation is paramount and I’m very proud of all CVSRT members who coped admirably with all four incidents and worked seamlessly with fellow mountain rescue team members and the statutory emergency services to achieve this. It’s worth remembering that we are a charity and all members are volunteers who drop what they are doing, whether at work or home, to help those in distress. Yesterday proved especially challenging given the intense heat and the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), that we need to wear to remain safe.”

“Certain factors make the task harder than it needs to be though. May we remind everyone to be more respectful to landowners, local residents and the countryside. Have the appropriate clothing and equipment with you for the terrain and keep the activity within your capabilities. We are also seeing many incidents where visitors are trespassing or parking cars irresponsibly, making it difficult for emergency vehicles to access the scene. Discarded alcohol cans, broken bottles and used BBQs littering beauty spots is becoming a huge problem. It is really sad to see the lack of respect from some people of all ages, although, as we see on the daily news, our region isn’t unique”

Mr Cole concluded, “Finally, I would like to thank all our team members who continue to turn out when asked, without question, no matter what time of day. Many thanks to their families and employers who support the team members and allow them the flexibility to respond at a moments notice. We’d be lost without everyone’s support”

Here’s a brief overview of the four incidents from Thursday 25th June.

#CALLOUT 1 > #1258 Black Carr Wood, Pudsey.

#CALLOUT 2 > #1259 Lumb Falls, Pecket Well

#CALLOUT 3 > #1260 Jail Hole, near Gaddings Dam

#CALLOUT 4 > #1261 Wood Head, Denholme Gate Road (Hipperholme)



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