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Crag-Fast Man on Cader Idris

December 23, 2021

Shortly before 4:00 p.m. on Mon 20th December, call-handlers from Aberdyfi Search & Rescue Team were made aware of lost walker on Cader Idris.

The man, in his 30’s and from Essex, had spent the day walking on the mountain, but without map or compass had become disorientated in the low cloud.

Using phonefind protocols, the man’s position on steep ground above Llyn Cau was established, and further conversations with the walker established that he was stuck and unable to proceed.

A hasty party was dispatched to make contact with the man, but were unable to reach him with the equipment carried. As a second party brought up more technical kit, the possibility of air-support was explored, although the low cloud meant that this was not possible.

The walker was eventually retrieved to safer ground and walked down off the mountain. Everyone was safely off the hill by 11:30 p.m.

A spokesperson for the Team said “the mountains in winter can be a great experience, but poor weather is not an unexpected event, and it is important that hill-goers have the skills and equipment to deal with this. This particular walker found himself in very difficult terrain where one false move could have ended very badly.”

Rescuers setting up rope systems to access the crag-fast walker