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Cragfast in the Patterdale Valley

August 14, 2023

August 13, 2023 21:55

At 21:55 on Saturday 12/08/2023 Cumbria Police called Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team for the second time that day. 

A report had been received of a party of two people who had set off from Patterdale for Angle Tarn to camp, but were lost and now stuck and unable to move on the fell side above the track between Patterdale and Hartsop.  Thanks to a good mobile phone signal the team was able to accurately locate the couple, but were unable to persuade them to move. 

Five team members ascended the fell and guided the pair down the steep ground, over boulders and bracken, to the Team vehicles below.

The rescue involved 5 team members and lasted for 4 hours.