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Fall on Striding Edge

November 22, 2021

November 20, 2021 11.49 hrs

Cumbria Police alerted Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team, at 11:49 on Saturday 20/11/2021, to a call received by Yorkshire Police regarding a man in his fifties from the London area who had slipped and tumbled about 20 feet whilst traversing Striding Edge. 

Given the location, the nature of the report and the poor visibility in the area at the time, a full callout of the Team was initiated. The man was one of a party of four who were doing part of the Coast to Coast route from East to West.  On contacting them it emerged that the casualty had sustained a deep laceration to his right leg but was able to make his way slowly back along Striding Edge. 

A group of rescue team volunteers made there way up to Hole In The Wall from Grisedale, whilst a second group ascended via Mires Beck, both aiming to intercept the descending party.  The man was able to make his own way from the fell and was then transported by Rescue Landrover back to the Team’s base where he was assessed and treated by two doctors and a nurse who are volunteer Team members.

The incident took 3 hours and involved 13 team members.