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Heart Attack Striding Edge

May 22, 2022

May 19, 2022

On Thursday 19th May Cumbria Police received reports of a man with chest pains whilst scrambling on Striding Edge.

Volunteers from Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called out and deployed immediately to the scene. Due to the location and the seriousness of the casualty, a Coastguard Helicopter from Prestwick was requested, along with the Great North Air Ambulance.

The air ambulance landed on Helvellyn Summit and their medical teams, once on scene, began providing immediate medical care. Due to wind conditions the coastguard helicopter was unable to winch from the scene but assisted by transferring 13 team members and technical equipment onto Helvellyn summit.

Once stabilised the casualty was transferred into the team stretcher and lowered 200 metres down the gulley towards Red Tarn basin. He was carried to the outflow then transferred into the Rescue Helicopter and was flown to hospital for further treatment.

Duty Leader for the rescue, Neil Barrow, stated “This was our second challenging and technical rescue within a week on Striding Edge, taking over 5 hours in total and involving 18 team members.”  

Thanks to the Coastguard Helicopter for their quick response and assisting in lifting team members and equipment onto the summit, saving valuable time.