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Heat exhaustion collapse

August 10, 2020

Sunday 09/08/2020 20:48

Patterdale MRT was called at around 2030hrs with report of a young male suffering from heat exhaustion. The casualty was part of a group of 3 who were headed up towards Helvellyn to camp overnight on the top.

The combination of carrying a heavy rucksack and camping gear combined with the warm weather caused the casualty to become very unwell and unable to continue. A group of passers-by kindly assisted the stricken teenagers and then made the right decision by calling 999 to request Mountain Rescue.

20 team members turned out and located the casualty who was treated for his symptoms on the fell and then stretchered back down to the valley where his family were waiting to take the group back home.

The team would like to remind anybody who is planning to come to the Lake District to plan ahead for the weather conditions and ensure that any activity is within their capabilities. There is a wealth of information to help you plan your trip in advance and is a great website to assist you in this. The rescue lasted 4.5 hrs.