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Knee injury on Striding Edge

June 9, 2023

June 8, 2023 13.08

On Thursday 8th June at 13:08hrs the Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team was contacted by North West Ambulance Service regarding a report of a woman who had tripped whilst traversing Striding Edge and had sustained a suspected dislocated knee in the fall.

The Duty Leader spoke to the informant, established what had happened, and called the team out to assist the lady.

Due to the location and the type of injury a Coastguard Rescue Helicopter was requested to help which would enable a swift and more comfortable evacuation for the casualty. The team assembled at Patterdale base and made their way onto the hill to ascend to the scene on foot. Rescue 199 from Prestwick arrived and after lowering their winch operator down they were able to treat the casualty and winch her onboard the helicopter and fly her to hospital for further treatment. The team made their way back down to the Land Rovers and back to base.

Once again, thanks go to the Coastguard Rescue Helicopter for their swift response and dealing with this incident, without their assistance it would have been a long, hot and uncomfortable carry down to the roadside.  The rescue was attended by 11 team members taking just under 3 hours to complete.