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Lost walker – Dovedale

September 8, 2021

September 7, 2021 11.30 pm

The Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team was notified on Tuesday 07/09/21 at around 23:30 with regard to a lost woman in Dovedale. The lone female had been in touch by mobile phone with a friend when she got lost in the dark trying to locate the Priest Hole for an overnight bivvie. The friend had managed to talk her back towards the main path and her intention was to return to her car and give up on the overnight camp plan. The friend raised the alarm when he could not get in touch with her after a couple of hours had passed.

The team leader located the woman’s vehicle parked up in the valley. Two team members then walked up and located her just above Hartsop Hall. She had managed to navigate most of the way down using the torch on her phone. She was very glad to see the team and get an escort down the mountain back to her car.