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Mountain Rescue Team use Tractor in search of missing person

October 17, 2018

Derby Mountain Rescue Team was called at 7pm on the evening of Wednesday October 17th 2018 to assist Derbyshire Constabulary with the search for a missing person after a 72-year-old lady had been reported missing earlier in the day.

Whilst searching farmland, the team met a local farmer who was out checking on his cattle in his tractor. Seeing that the tractor was equipped with powerful, bright scene lights, one of our team members asked the farmer if he would mind searching the boundary of the field they were in, which the team were about to search; the farmer was happy to oblige. Two minutes later and the calm of the night was shattered by the tractor’s horn sounding… he had found the missing person!

After a quick assessment of her condition, the team treated the lady for hypothermia and evacuated her to the road-head where she was transferred to an East Midlands Ambulance Service Land Ambulance and taken to the Royal Derby Hospital for further treatment.