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October 1, 2022 2 pm

October 3, 2022

On Saturday 1st October at 14:00hrs the Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team was requested by North West Ambulance to assist a woman who had slipped and sustained an injury to her ankle.

Due to the location of the casualty, who was around 500 metres from the road side, a limited call out was initiated and 6 team members responded to the scene. On arrival they found the woman, who had been walking  down the steep grassy slope, stating she had slipped and gone over on her ankle.  

The casualty was examined and pain relief given, she was then placed in a leg splint for her suspected fractured ankle and sledged off the hill in a stretcher. Once safely down at the roadside the woman was taken to hospital for further treatment by her colleagues. The incident took 2 hours in total.