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Overdue and exhausted Walkers in Grisedale

May 10, 2022

May 9, 2022 9.15pm

At about 21:15 on Monday 9/5/22 the Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team received a report that a party of 3 women in their early sixties who were walking the Coast to Coast long distance route had not arrived at their overnight accommodation at Patterdale Youth Hostel. 

Their last known location was Grasmere village in the early afternoon and they were reported as well equipped and experienced.  A few minutes later Cumbria Police received a 999 call from one of the occupants of a holiday cottage in the Grisedale Valley reporting that a woman had arrived at their accommodation having run down the valley to raise the alarm; she was a member of a party of 3 walkers and her companions were “in a bad way”.  The woman and two other occupants of the holiday cottage had headed back up the valley to offer assistance.

The Team initiated a callout and 10 team members in 2 vehicles were deployed up the valley.  Team members met the descending party on the track above the holiday cottage.  The women were exhausted and cold, but otherwise unhurt.  They were transported back to the Rescue Centre and provided with warm drinks before being driven to their accommodation.

The incident lasted 2 hours and involved 17 team members.