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Reports of an Alsatian by the bad step on Striding Edge

August 31, 2018

Friday 31/08/2018 17:37 

On 31st Aug 18 at 17:10hrs, members of Patterdale MRT were called by Cumbria Police to reports of an Alsatian on Striding Edge close to the bad step, and concerns for the whereabouts of its owner.

Members of the team headed up to Striding Edge and recovered the Alsatian but there was no sign of it’s owner.

The dog was brought back to the rescue centre in readiness for collection by the dog warden and, in an attempt to locate the owners the chip was scanned for vital information.

Unfortunately this proved fruitless. The information on the chip was not up to date and resulted in an unnecessary waste of time and resources by the emergency services in trying to locate the present owner.

The incident lasted 5hrs and involved 9 team members.