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Scrambler Stuck on Eagle Crag

June 24, 2024

June 23, 2024 14:01hrs

Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team was alerted at 14:01 on Sunday 23rd June by Keswick MRT to a 28 year old man who was stuck on Eagle Crag in Grisedale.  He had been scrambling on the crag but had strayed from his route and become cragfast.  Due to a poor mobile phone signal, his emergency call to the Police had initially been misallocated to Keswick MRT.

Nine members of Patterdale MRT responded to the callout and made their way up Grizedale.  They were surprised when they spotted a group of three people apparently stuck on a ledge about a quarter of the way down the crag.  Team members climbed around and above the crag, set up a twin rope rescue system and lowered a rescuer down to the party.  It transpired that, following the man’s emergency call, his shouts for help had been heard by two climbers who had ascended to his location.  The Team hoisted the rescuers and the scrambler to the top of the crag, whilst the climbers were happy to abseil down the crag unaided.  Having established that the scrambler was unhurt he was walked off the crag and allowed to complete his walk.

The incident took 3.5 hours and involved nine team members.