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Thank you – “The Fells are Quiet”

February 5, 2021

Cumbria’s Mountain Rescue teams would like to thank everyone for sticking to the government rules, staying at home and exercising locally. The focus of our messaging at the beginning of the year was centred on reducing the numbers of avoidable callouts. It was about avoiding high risk activities that could put our volunteer mountain rescue teams at risk from the virus, placing unnecessary demands on Cumbria’s ambulance service and increasing pressure on hospital staff and facilities.

The first two weeks of January saw a massive and very worrying spike in incidents with 19 callouts compared to 7 during the same period last year. Since the latest lockdown we have only had a further 7 in the past three weeks com- pared to 18 in 2020. Your efforts and sacrifices are therefore really appreciated, not just by mountain rescue but by all the agency partners we work with. The fells are quiet and the situation in Cumbria is starting to improve very slowly how- ever we cannot relax so please continue to stick to the rules. There will be a time when we can all get out there and enjoy the great outdoors fully.

There is good and essential advice on outdoor safety on the Adventure Smart UK website

So stay safe, stay at home: #BeAdventureSmart make your good day better. Help Cumbria get ready to re open safely – when the time is right.