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Woman with broken leg

March 21, 2020

Friday 20/03/2020 14:36

A twenty year old female from the Worcestershire area fell whilst descending from Grisedale Tarn and sustained an injury to her knee. The young lady, who had been walking with her partner, slipped and twisting her leg, managing to dislocate her knee. Initial reports received by Cumbria Police indicated that the injury may have been far more serious so assistance was requested from an air asset. Although it was a fine and sunny day, wind at the scene meant that the GNAAS helicopter was unable to land. The team was forced to stretcher the casualty down to the valley bottom where a Coastguard Helicopter from their Humberside base was able to collect the casualty and fly her to James Cook hospital in Middlesbrough.

This incident involved 14 team members and took a total of 5 hours.