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Woman with head injury

June 12, 2023

June 9, 2023

Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team was called by Cumbria Police on Friday 9th June at lunchtime following a report of a woman who had tumbled and sustained a head injury.

Initial enquiries were carried out and the Deputy Leader called the team out to respond to the rescue. Two Land Rovers headed out from Patterdale base and collected team members en route to the casualty site.

On arrival at the scene it was established that the female student, who was on her Duke of Edinburgh Award assessment, had stumbled whilst descending the path, rolled down the hillside a short distance and sustained slight grazes together with soreness and swelling to the side of her head. The casualty was examined and pain relief was given and she was then assisted to the team Land Rover which had managed to get to around half a mile from the site.  

After further assessment at the base the casualty was left in the capable hands of the group’s leaders as they were heading back home later that day. The rescue lasted 2.5 hours with 10 team members in attendance.