Bryn Coleman


The Fire and Rescue Service’s Response to Water Rescue Incidents Within the UK:

Bryn Coleman is the National Fire Chiefs Council Lead Officer for Inland Water Rescue. He is also a Tactical and Strategic Flood Rescue Adviser for the Department Food and Rural Affairs, attending and advising on wide area flooding events. Over his 30-year career in the Fire and Rescue Service, Bryn has attended a significant number of the major wider area flooding events that have impacted England over the last fifteen years. In his role as a Strategic Flood Rescue Adviser, he has attended the National Flood Response Centre in Whitehall and attended COBRA to advise HM Government. He also established and managed the specialist rescue team within Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service.

The legal position of the Fire and Rescue Service’s attendance at water rescue incidents is different across the UK. In this session, Bryn aims to highlight those differences, how we can work together under JESIP, and the standards the UK Fire and Rescue Service must meet in relation to water rescue.

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