Sarah Furness

Saturday evening keynote speaker


Fly Higher:

Ex-RAF combat helicopter pilot turned mindfulness trainer and inspirational speaker, Sarah knows what it feels like to be at the front line. She understands the importance of staying in the moment and practising to stay in the moment — because this was absolutely key to hers and her crew’s survival.

‘Performance under pressure is NOT instinctive,’ says Sarah. ‘We must train hard to fight easy’. That said, ‘humans have an extraordinary ability to thrive — and even excel — under pressure when they know how.’

After graduating from Cambridge University, Sarah followed her dream to join the RAF. As a squadron leader she led on operational combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and was the first female helicopter pilot to fly and lead UK Special Forces missions in Iraq. She now has ONE mission. To share the secret to outstanding resilience, performance and courage ‘under fire’. Sarah is the best selling author of ‘Fly Higher’, sharing tips on how you can train your mind to feel as strong as you look. She’ll be on hand with copies of her book. All profits to go to the Rescue Benevolent Fund.

Find Sarah online here, via Linkedin or email.

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